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1: Take Your Lumps ($6.00)

Original Release 2008

"Take Your Lumps", Seb’s ninth self-produced CD, presents 11 new songs from the man the politically correct love to hate. It jumps musical borders from country to punk to folk and rock without sacrificing a shred of credibility. Listen to the lead-in track "I’m Uma Pemmaraju". Here Sebastian takes the newscaster’s top stories and dumps them into a jaunty, guitar-driven romp that belies the awful weight of the nightly headlines. At a time when a "protester" ought to close ranks with the popular tide of opinion, Seb tells us to "Stop Picking On America" ("and America will stop picking on you"). "Me & God" suggests that God sides with a humble country picker and if He had His druthers He’ d be playing a Gibson like He intended decent people ought to. What the hell?
We get vignettes of girl troubles ("T.O. Girl Of My Youth"), families’ troubles ("I Love My TV"), politician’s troubles ("Government Policy") neighbours’ troubles ("Neighbours"), political bigotry troubles ("Liberal Myths, Conservative Lies") and the trouble we all have figuring out a troubling world. It’d be bad news all ’round without Seb’s disarming wit and wry sense of fair play that mirrors life’s magnificent ironies.


2: Modern Day Cowboy ($6.00)

Original Release 2002

Sebastian Country’s Modern Day Cowboy is a songwriter’s album. Featuring covers of songs by some of Seb’s favourite songwriters, Shel Silverstein, Randy Newman, Kinky Friedman, Guy Clark, Bobby Darin, Lyle Lovett, Kris Kristofferson and Todd Snider, plus 3 originals, it was recorded as a tribute to the memory of Lyle Vallentyne, a friend who passed away much too young. Produced and performed almost entirely by Seb in a simple and sincere way, it brings to life the disparate characters and stories of some of the Twentieth Century’s greatest writers. Also featured on the album are, Steve Petrie, pedal steel (Tommy Hunter, Stompin’ Tom); Mickey Andrews, pedal steel (Stompin’ Tom, The Cape Bretoners); Dennis Conn, pedal steel (Cement City Stompers, No Fences) and Mike Elliot, fiddle (The Elliot Family).
3: "while baby sleeps" ($6.00)

Original Release 1999

"While Baby Sleeps" is Sebastian "Seb" Agnello’s 7th indie release. It was written, performed and produced entirely by Seb and forms the third part of his "Politically Incorrect Trilogy" which started with "this is a protest album" in 1985, followed by "White Liberals On Reggae" in 1990. The album was mixed by Wayne (Rusty, Alannah Myles, Wild T, Rik Emmett) Berge. The songs’ subject matter deal with political hypocrisy (Bread and Circuses, Just Ask Lenny Bruce); teenage prostitution (Tell It To The Big Man); the pleasures of reading (Print Junkie); the futility of inner-city existence some teens feel (Boys In The Alley) and the inherent goodness of the often maligned "American Dream"( No Kings Over Me). The playing is forceful yet mellifluous, demonstrating why Seb’s musicianship is so highly respected by his peers.


4: White Liberals On Reggae ($6.00)

Original Release 1990

"White Liberals" is Sebastian’s response to the "political-correctness" that emerged and engulfed everyone in the "80s. Satirical and indignant, "White Liberals" contains some of Seb’s finest writings. Though the record reached top ten at most Canadian campus radio stations, Seb refused to tour it. "No one has a sense of humour anymore" was his reason. This is the only album not produced by Sebastian. It was produced by American producer Andy Camp. Working with long time drummer Jim Dumanski and bass player Don Johnston, the music is all over the map, from punk to folk; from rock to sambas.

5: "this is a protest album" ($6.00)

Original Release 1986

An acoustic album of topical folk songs in the tradition of Phil Ochs and Bob Dylan. Originally released on the Cabbagatown Records label in 1986 to complement a tour of folk clubs and festivals culminating in the hosting of "Music and Politics" at the Mariposa Folk Festival. Sebastians special guest was the leader of The New Democratic Party and future Premier of Ontario, Bob Rae. That same summer, Seb produced, wrote, directed and starred in the television specials "An Evening Of Phil Ochs" and "Three Faces Of Protest" for the Rogers Cable System. Featured on the disc are: Bazil Donovan (bass); Lance Bennett (harmonica); Curtis Driedger (fiddle).

6: Full Moon & Welfare Cheques ($6.00)

Original Release 1983

Almost a decade and a half before "alt-country" entered the lexicon, Sebastian and Bazil Donovan of the punk band S.C.A.B. , decided to have fun playing country music for a) the punk and new wavers that hated country music and b) the country fans that hated punk music.
As explained to Bob MacAdory of The Global Television Network, "You know, rock musicians don’t like punk musicians, punk musicians don’t like jazz musicians, and jazz musicians don’t like anybody, so, we decided to put together a band of different types of musicians and play country music so everyone could see that it’s possible to get along" . Sebastian Country features ; Bazil Donovan (bass); Mickey Andrews (steel guitar); Lance Bennett (harmonica); Jim Dumanski (drums); Mark Kersey (piano); Ilkka Lehti (vocals, drums).

7: Head Roach ($6.00)

Original Release 1971

Collectors have whispered about owning an original copy of this album in dark corners around the globe, only to have their hopes dashed when no such originals turn up. Then, in 2006, along came Void Records of New Jersey with a legitimate vinyl reissue of one of the rarest Canadian albums of all time bar none. When originally issued way back in 1971, the album came with a box of crayons to colour in the roaches- yes, it’s that kind of album!! Soon the cover was banned for its drug implications making the original hideously rare; but here it is, reproduced from the original, glossy and brilliant and on CD for the first time. Songs include "Let’s Go To The Drug Store", "Toking Alone", "They Call Her Pig" and more. Acidy, druggie electric folk with a touch of Zappa-esque humor tossed in.