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S.C.A.B @ The Headspace

..then S.C.A.B. came out. I must admit that this band was the most bizarre thing I have seen in awhile. A powerful trio with the guitarist, Sebastian, handling vocals. S.C.A.B. proved to be more than just another band. The guitarist went on at great length with juicy political diatribes before and during each tune. Some of the audience was impressed while others heckled "...get on with it". The music was something else altogether. I could assemble several analogies: such as Kim Mitchell meets Crass or Toronto's only Jazz Anarchist ensemble (maybe polkaholics too? ...ed). At times the lyrics are so poignant and witty that I thought Tom Lerher had gone punk. At other times the politicization was overdone and tedious. However if I had to choose between mindless generic "I hate Reagan" thrash or intelligent, and provocative material like Sebastian's then I'm afraid I'd take the latter,...S.C.A.B. has an idea of what they're doing when they circle the "A" in their name...catch 'em.

Vacuum, Black Triangle