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"Sebastian Stops Picking"

Singer/songwriter/guitarist and basic scamp Sebastian will be celebrating the release of his latest single at a bash at the Hotel Isabella this Saturday (Oct. 16). The single, "No Compromise", is backed up by a tune called "Stop Picking On America"- a song that will likely generate its full share of controversy, especially here and now, what with free trade, the contra-gate affair and Robert Bork. The record will be released on the U.S. indie label Coral Records, thanks to Coral producer Andrew Camp, who heard a rendition of the tunes while working with Sebastian on a recording session for another artist. Camp felt the songs had commercial potential and helped fund the recording and production of the disc.

Calling Sebastian a "good all round songwriter", Camp says he likes the songs for their overall quality and natural appeal. "I've since heard a lot of Sebastian's earlier material and "No Compromise" struck me as a good rock tune that wasn't as absolutely politically defined as most of his other work".

Camp says that this fact helped determine that "No Compromise" would be the A side of the single and that "Stop Picking On America" would wind up on the flip. "I hope that "No Compromise" doesn't get overshadowed by the more obvious controversy of "Stop Picking," he says, "because it's a very strong song and deserves to be heard."

As to whether "Picking" is merely a tongue-in-cheek satire or a dead ahead pro-American anthem, Camp seems sincerely unsure. "I know that Seb believes in being outrageously radical and that in some places this song is gonna stick out a mile. He's a shit-disturber and he likes to kick it up anyplace he can so I really can't say exactly what he means by it."

"I'm American born myself and I certainly don't agree with many of the policies put forward by the American government. But there are some things about America that make it a great country. Mostly, I'm not that politically-minded- but I'm commercially minded as hell and I think his record will do well for us."

Sebastian, who referred inquiries about the new record to Camp, will be whooping it up at the Izzy on Saturaday and will presumably be available for direct comment at that time. Show starts at 10 pm.

James Marck, Now Magazine