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White Liberals On Reggae

A top notch songwriter and guitar virtuoso, Sebastian has long maintained a reputation for his no-bullshit, sometimes off-side, "politically incorrect" songs and his uncompromising satirical, often harsh and cynical world view. Never one to mingle with the glitzy, superficial, PR-generated side of the music business, he has always made his presence known through hard-hitting and intelligent political rock. Sebastian may offend some, disturb others, and delight the rest, but, he's unfailing in his ability to make the listener think."

As the title of this album might indicate, this album contains a fair amount of what might best be described as biting social comment. In fact, Sebastian Agnello lays about him with such vigour that few targets are left unscathed, from radio programmers and ego-bloated rock stars (No Names Please) to publicity-seeking peace demonstrators, "old men" in the White House and the Kremlin, violence in Zimbabwe and oppression in South Africa. Occasionally the songs are a little self-indulgent and the fact remains that outlining the problems (and the surrounding hypocrisy) doesn't go a long way towards solving them. Except of course, to raise our consciousness.

Canadian Composer, (Socan)