turtleshellmusic discography

Track Listing
White Liberals On Reggae 
Middle Class Revolution 
No Names Please 
Nuke Your Food
Spanish Gold 
We The People 
Toss Of The Ice
No Compromise 
Good Enemy

All songs written by S. Agnello
ęTurtle Shell Music 

"White Liberals" is Sebastian's response to the "political-correctness" that emerged and engulfed everyone in the "80s. Satirical and indignant, "White Liberals" contains some of Seb's finest writings. Though the record reached top ten at most Canadian campus radio stations, Seb refused to tour it. "No one has a sense of humour anymore" was his reason. This is the only album not produced by Sebastian. It was produced by American producer Andy Camp. Working with long time drummer Jim Dumanski and bass player Don Johnston, the music is all over the map, from punk to folk; from rock to sambas. Originally released on vinyl on Cabbagetown Records.